DIY Custom Frames & Matboards

Simply enter the size of you photo or artwork below, then choose your framing options. 

We will build the frame & ship it to you ready for you to insert your artwork & hang on the wall.  If you want to upload an image of your artwork/photo to see it framed before ordering, click here. Or if you want us to print your photo and frame it, click here.

Measuring Artwork

If you want to add a matboard to go around your artwork/photo, enter the exact size of the item to be framed, we will then subtract 5-6mm from this size when cutting to ensure that the mat covers the edge of the image, otherwise the artwork/photo will fall through the cutout mat window.  Also please note that if you are ordering a frame to go directly around the image (no mat), the size entered will be the glass size, and around 4-6mm of the image will be hidden under the rebate (the edge of the frame that holds the glass/backing) on each side of the frame.

Enter the size of your photo/artwork below to get started